The Convenience of Three Locations!

At Barrett Motors, we know how important our location is, which is why we offer our customers three!

2010 Chevrolet Camaro in Texas at Barrett Motors

Come see this 2010 Chevrolet Camaro in Texas at Barrett Motors!

We have offered our customers different locations for years. We know how important it is to be able to visit one convenient location, so we offer three dealerships to our shoppers. At Barret Motors, we want our customers to know that it is no coincidence that we have a dealership in Rowlett, Garland, and Sachse. We know where our customers are and what they are looking for.

Barrett Motors wants customers to know that our three different locations offer something for everyone. Each dealership offers a convenient location along with a team of knowledgeable sales associates. They will be able to answer any and all of your questions with no problems. No matter what you need to know from a history report to knowing details about the car, our sales associates will be able to help.

Our locations are centrally located in great parts of Texas where we can serve you best. We want our large inventories of pre-owned vehicles to be readily available at all times.

So, visit us in Rowlett, Garland or Sachse, Texas and see our inventory for yourself before making your final decision on which vehicle to take home.

Looking for Inventory? All of Our Dealerships have Large Stock!

Barrett Motors enjoys offering featured inventory at its three dealerships in Texas.

2013 Buick Verano at Barrett Motors

This 2013 Buick Verano is waiting for you at Barrett Motors!

Shoppers can visit any of the Barrett Motors dealerships at our convenient locations and find the vehicle that will suit you best for what you need. We want you to have a large selection of the finest high-quality, pre-owned vehicles in the area. This is why we stock our inventories very well at each of our dealerships.

With so many vehicles coming to our dealership it may be difficult to narrow down to which vehicle you like the best. This is why we have knowledgeable sales associates standing by ready to help you make your decision. We offer our featured inventory which includes vehicles of the highest quality.

Our sales associates are looking forward to helping you narrow down our featured inventory to our regular inventory to whatever else we have available for you. Barrett Motors also welcomes any requests should there be something that you need, and we don’t have. We will be happy to help you find it.

Visit us at any of our dealerships in Texas and see what kind of inventory we have available for you. We can’t wait to see you and help you find what you need!

Look No Further than Our Dealerships in Texas!

Not only do Barrett Motors dealerships available but it also has large inventories and everything on one of them!

2012 Buick LaCrosse in Rowlett Texas Barrett Motors

2012 Buick LaCrosse is just one of the pre-owned vehicles in Rowlett, Texas at Barrett Motors.

Barrett Motors wants to make sure that its customers know that it has three different dealerships in the Texas area that are standing by ready to help customers looking for high-quality, pre-owned vehicles. We didn’t want to just offer one dealership to our customers, so instead we decided to offer three with three different locations, which include Rowlett, Garland, and Sachse.

By visiting any of our different dealerships, you will be able to find the exact model that you are looking for. If for some reason one dealer doesn’t have it, we will search through our other inventories and find it for you. Our main goal is to serve you with a great shopping experience and find you exactly what you need to suit you, your budget, and your lifestyle.

Our large inventory is of high quality, pre-owned vehicles is constantly being refreshed at our multiple dealerships to in sure that you always have a large selection to choose from.

We are excited to see you at any of our three dealerships in Texas, and we still have no doubt that we will be able to find you the perfect pre-owned vehicle!


High-Quality: Find it at Barrett Motors!

At Barrett Motors it is important to us to offer you the highest quality vehicles as possible because our shoppers deserve the best.

High-quality pre-owned vehicles at Barrett Motors

High-quality pre-owned vehicles at Barrett Motors.

Customers may search different dealerships before they find the high-quality models that they want, and Barrett Motors is happy to offer such a large selection to its many shoppers in the Texas area.

With promotions on the many high quality and pre-owned vehicles, shoppers will have plenty of options when looking for their next model to take home. Barrett Motors makes every step of the process easy for customers from finding the trade-in value to making their final purchase.

We know buying a car can sometimes be a frustrating process, so we work with our customers to make it as easy as possible. Our sales associates are standing by, ready to help customers make a decision and to help them drive home in the vehicle they want.

Dozens of vehicles are available at Barrett Motors and in a large quantity for shoppers to browse. With many trims, models and options, customers have plenty to choose from.

We welcome you to visit any of our dealerships in Texas to see what kind of amazing vehicles that we have available. Our sales associates are standing by!

Barrett Motors Brings a Dealership of Exceptional Service!

Barrett Motors is proud to offer the popular models available to shoppers as well as the service buyers deserve.

Sales associates offer tremendous customer service Barrett Motors.

Sales associates offer tremendous customer service Barrett Motors.

We do their best to bring shoppers the many popular models available, and with our many Barrett Motors dealerships offering their tremendous service, shoppers will be able to feel the difference. With tremendous support, knowledgeable associates and a huge lot of models, customers will find the model they have been wanting.

Our business strategy is to grow through exceptional customer service. We are more than excited to bring our services and large inventories to the many shoppers in Texas. We look forward to proving just what sets us apart from the rest. Shoppers should know that Barrett Motors offers customers a huge selection of high-quality pre-owned models. Our large selection of models stretches to the many popular models that customers are looking for.

As Barrett Motors brings new options to shoppers, including the exceptional service it brings to them, our dealerships continue to work hard and offer some of the best selection.

Visit any of our dealerships in Texas and meet our sales associates who are standing by to assist you throughout the entire buying process. We will make you feel as welcome as possible, and look forward to seeing you!

Barrett Motors Adds More Specials to Thank Customers

Barrett Motors is celebrating its almost 30th year in Maryland and is adding even more specials for its customers.

Barrett Motors offering almost 30 years

Barrett Motors has offered almost 30 years of great service to customers!

Customers are one of the main reasons Barrett Motors can say they have happily served customers for almost 30 years. The month has already been successful as many customers have stopped by, so Barrett Motors decided to add even more specials and deals for its shoppers to reward those who haven’t yet had the chance to visit our dealership in Maryland.

We are thrilled that each year we are able to offer our customers the tremendous service we do every year. We believe that our customers deserve our appreciation for getting us here. With so many great deals going on, each of our customers will definitely find the car in our pre-owned inventory they want at the right price.

Shoppers know that Barrett Motors offers exceptional customer service and support as customers keep coming back again and again. Sales associates at Barrett Motors always give customers the best assistance they can with all possible questions and concerns.

Barrett Motors will always push its dealership associates to create an outstanding and consistently enjoyable shopping environment for their customers. We look forward to seeing you here at one of our dealerships in Maryland!

Who Would Rather Use a Mobile Website?

Barrett Motors is excited to offer its mobile website with easy features to its customers on the go.

Mobile Website Barrett Motors

Mobile Website at Barrett Motors

Barrett Motors knows how difficult it is sometimes to sit down in front of a computer and search for something like a pre-owned vehicle. This is why we offer a high-quality and easy to use mobile website for our shoppers.

Our mobile website offers multiple features so customers who are on the go have a very easy way to try and find the next pre-owned vehicle they want to add to their personal line up. Some of the options that we give our customers on our mobile website include searching through our used inventory as well as searching our online specials.

Barrett Motors also makes it easy for returning visitors to browse for the exact vehicle they’re interested in with the stock number of the vehicle. Once you finally have decided that you want to come to our dealership we also offer you a location section on our mobile website to help get you here easily. And don’t forget if you have any questions you can ask us a question directly from our mobile website.

Look forward to seeing you at our dealership in Texas as we are ready to help you find your next pre-owned vehicle.

Multiple Dealerships and Large Inventories!

Our customers should know that we have three dealerships available to bring you tons of inventory options.

Multiple dealerships under Barrett Motors

Multiple dealerships under the Barrett Motors umbrella.

Many dealerships only offer a limited amount of inventory for its customers to browse and enjoy. At Barrett Motors, we offer three different dealerships in our area to help you be able to find exactly what you were looking for.

In three separate areas such as Rowlett, Garland, and Sachse, we know that our many customers will be able to find the high-quality, pre-owned vehicles that they want to add to their personal lineup. With close to 150 vehicles spread out amongst the three different dealerships under Barrett Motors, shoppers will be able to find tremendous options.

Our large inventories include high-quality, preowned vehicles that we have hand-selected and rigorously tested. Our vehicles always go through interior and exterior tests to make sure they are worthy of being placed on our dealership lots. Our shoppers will have no need to worry about the condition of their vehicles when they visit any of our three dealerships in Texas.

There are so many options to choose from that we know our customers will need the help of our knowledgeable sales associates. Our sales associates will be happy to offer their help and expertise while helping you make a final decision.

Visit any of our multiple dealerships in Texas to see what we have to offer!

Want a Car History Report? Good, We Have Those!

Barrett Motors offers customers peace of mind with History Report reports on its many high-quality, pre-owned vehicles.

History report available through Barrett Motors

Just one of the History Reports available through Barrett Motors.

Pre-owned cars are available in large quantities at Barrett Motors. We bring in fresh models for customers consistently. Because it is so important to know what kind of car you are going to be taking home, Barrett Motors makes sure that customers get important information regarding the history of the car. This means that customers are given a History Report to show them exactly what they are getting in a vehicle.

The History Report offers buyers information such as vehicle age, accidents, title and other problems, and the mileage. All of these come together in the vehicle’s final circle of value.

We are excited to be a dealership that can offer History Reports for our vehicles because that means we can offer shoppers peace of mind that they are making the right choice. Our models are hand-picked to make sure that our customers have some of the best choices at their disposal.

Every pre-owned model in our inventory is of the highest quality, and the dealership offers more to customers with benefits like knowledgeable sales associate and high quality service.

Visit us in Texas to see what makes our dealerships different than the rest.

Three Locations = Extra Exceptional

Barrett Motors wants customers to know that we offer three different locations, and each one offers exceptional service.

three locations for Barrett Motors

At our three locations for Barrett Motors, we offer you exceptional service everywhere.

Located in Texas, our many dealerships are excited to offer customers exceptional service no matter where they go. From Rowlett, Garland and Sachse, Barrett Motors is happy to service you exceptionally.

Our inventories from each dealership are also large and full of high-quality, pre-owned vehicles. We want you to know that we keep our inventories stocked and refreshed constantly as well. We do this to make sure you can come to any of our locations and find exactly what you want.

It may be hard to make a final decision, but that is why we have such a great group of sales associates at each one of our dealerships. They will offer you exceptional service while answering all of your questions. You will have no doubts about your final choice when you leave any of our dealerships. Our sales associates go above and beyond every day to ensure that you have an exceptional experience.

From one side of Texas to the other, we are excited to be able to offer you exactly what you want.

Visit us at any of our three dealerships in Texas to see what we can off you!