Barrett Motors Adds More Specials to Thank Customers

Barrett Motors is celebrating its almost 30th year in Maryland and is adding even more specials for its customers.

Barrett Motors offering almost 30 years

Barrett Motors has offered almost 30 years of great service to customers!

Customers are one of the main reasons Barrett Motors can say they have happily served customers for almost 30 years. The month has already been successful as many customers have stopped by, so Barrett Motors decided to add even more specials and deals for its shoppers to reward those who haven’t yet had the chance to visit our dealership in Maryland.

We are thrilled that each year we are able to offer our customers the tremendous service we do every year. We believe that our customers deserve our appreciation for getting us here. With so many great deals going on, each of our customers will definitely find the car in our pre-owned inventory they want at the right price.

Shoppers know that Barrett Motors offers exceptional customer service and support as customers keep coming back again and again. Sales associates at Barrett Motors always give customers the best assistance they can with all possible questions and concerns.

Barrett Motors will always push its dealership associates to create an outstanding and consistently enjoyable shopping environment for their customers. We look forward to seeing you here at one of our dealerships in Maryland!

Who Would Rather Use a Mobile Website?

Barrett Motors is excited to offer its mobile website with easy features to its customers on the go.

Mobile Website Barrett Motors

Mobile Website at Barrett Motors

Barrett Motors knows how difficult it is sometimes to sit down in front of a computer and search for something like a pre-owned vehicle. This is why we offer a high-quality and easy to use mobile website for our shoppers.

Our mobile website offers multiple features so customers who are on the go have a very easy way to try and find the next pre-owned vehicle they want to add to their personal line up. Some of the options that we give our customers on our mobile website include searching through our used inventory as well as searching our online specials.

Barrett Motors also makes it easy for returning visitors to browse for the exact vehicle they’re interested in with the stock number of the vehicle. Once you finally have decided that you want to come to our dealership we also offer you a location section on our mobile website to help get you here easily. And don’t forget if you have any questions you can ask us a question directly from our mobile website.

Look forward to seeing you at our dealership in Texas as we are ready to help you find your next pre-owned vehicle.

Multiple Dealerships and Large Inventories!

Our customers should know that we have three dealerships available to bring you tons of inventory options.

Multiple dealerships under Barrett Motors

Multiple dealerships under the Barrett Motors umbrella.

Many dealerships only offer a limited amount of inventory for its customers to browse and enjoy. At Barrett Motors, we offer three different dealerships in our area to help you be able to find exactly what you were looking for.

In three separate areas such as Rowlett, Garland, and Sachse, we know that our many customers will be able to find the high-quality, pre-owned vehicles that they want to add to their personal lineup. With close to 150 vehicles spread out amongst the three different dealerships under Barrett Motors, shoppers will be able to find tremendous options.

Our large inventories include high-quality, preowned vehicles that we have hand-selected and rigorously tested. Our vehicles always go through interior and exterior tests to make sure they are worthy of being placed on our dealership lots. Our shoppers will have no need to worry about the condition of their vehicles when they visit any of our three dealerships in Texas.

There are so many options to choose from that we know our customers will need the help of our knowledgeable sales associates. Our sales associates will be happy to offer their help and expertise while helping you make a final decision.

Visit any of our multiple dealerships in Texas to see what we have to offer!

Want a Car History Report? Good, We Have Those!

Barrett Motors offers customers peace of mind with History Report reports on its many high-quality, pre-owned vehicles.

History report available through Barrett Motors

Just one of the History Reports available through Barrett Motors.

Pre-owned cars are available in large quantities at Barrett Motors. We bring in fresh models for customers consistently. Because it is so important to know what kind of car you are going to be taking home, Barrett Motors makes sure that customers get important information regarding the history of the car. This means that customers are given a History Report to show them exactly what they are getting in a vehicle.

The History Report offers buyers information such as vehicle age, accidents, title and other problems, and the mileage. All of these come together in the vehicle’s final circle of value.

We are excited to be a dealership that can offer History Reports for our vehicles because that means we can offer shoppers peace of mind that they are making the right choice. Our models are hand-picked to make sure that our customers have some of the best choices at their disposal.

Every pre-owned model in our inventory is of the highest quality, and the dealership offers more to customers with benefits like knowledgeable sales associate and high quality service.

Visit us in Texas to see what makes our dealerships different than the rest.

Local Dealer Delivers on High Quality Pre-Owned Models

Barrett Motors offers some of the highest quality pre-owned models in the area and delivers on specials and promotions

Pre-owned vehicles available at Barrett Motors

Many pre-owned vehicles available at Barrett Motors.

Barrett Motors is always pleased to serve its shoppers. From offering spectacular service, high quality models and a tremendous inventory, Barrett Motors, located in Sachse, Texas brings its team together to deliver on an experience shoppers will not forget easily.

We know how important it is for our shoppers to find everything they want, and we do our very best to give them just that. We offer one of the largest inventories of pre-owned models. Shoppers are welcome to browse our lot to find the perfect model they want to take home.”

Barrett Motors searches for only the highest quality pre-owned models before delivering them to its shoppers. Barrett Motors delivers more than specials offers as it delivers exclusive programs to its shoppers.

We know that customers look for tremendous specials with great pricing, and we want to make sure that you have that every time you visit our dealership in Sachse, Texas. Our sales associates are standing by ready to answer your questions while you make a decision about which vehicle is going to suit you best.

We can’t wait to see you at our dealership and hope to see you soon!

The Time for Large Inventories has Arrived

Barrett Motors wants its customers to know that it is offering large inventories of its many high-quality, pre-owned vehicles.

Large inventories at Barrett Motors

Come see our large inventories at Barrett Motors.

We have offered many different deals to our customers here at Barrett Motors, located in Sachse, Texas. Along with the many specials that we have offered our customers, we make sure to always offer large inventories of the vehicles that we carry for our shoppers.

With close to 150 high-quality, pre-owned vehicles, Barrett Motors has offered dozens of great vehicles for years. We want our shoppers to know that we are ready to help you choose from these many vehicles to find the one that will suit you the best. Our sales associates are always standing by, ready to help you make your final decision.

Together we will find the right fit for you and for your budget. Not only are our large inventories very diverse, but we label our cars with low prices that make your wallet has happy as you are.

We handpick our many pre-owned vehicles that we carry on our dealership lot, and know that you will be able to find exactly what you want.

Barrett Motors welcomes you to join us in Sachse, Texas to find your next high-quality, pre-owned vehicle.

Three Locations = Extra Exceptional

Barrett Motors wants customers to know that we offer three different locations, and each one offers exceptional service.

three locations for Barrett Motors

At our three locations for Barrett Motors, we offer you exceptional service everywhere.

Located in Texas, our many dealerships are excited to offer customers exceptional service no matter where they go. From Rowlett, Garland and Sachse, Barrett Motors is happy to service you exceptionally.

Our inventories from each dealership are also large and full of high-quality, pre-owned vehicles. We want you to know that we keep our inventories stocked and refreshed constantly as well. We do this to make sure you can come to any of our locations and find exactly what you want.

It may be hard to make a final decision, but that is why we have such a great group of sales associates at each one of our dealerships. They will offer you exceptional service while answering all of your questions. You will have no doubts about your final choice when you leave any of our dealerships. Our sales associates go above and beyond every day to ensure that you have an exceptional experience.

From one side of Texas to the other, we are excited to be able to offer you exactly what you want.

Visit us at any of our three dealerships in Texas to see what we can off you!


Customers Love Barrett Motors!

Barrett Motors has been serving customers for years and the many customer come back again and again to prove how great the dealership is.

Customer return to Barrett Motors

Customers return to Barrett Motors over and again!

Customers may often choose a dealership based on the experience of their friends or their family members, and Barrett Motors isn’t worried. We know how well we treat our customers, and it shows through the many returning and loyal customers.

We treat our customers in Texas and beyond with the best experience we possibly can. Whether they are visiting our sales department or our service department, we strive to satisfy 100 percent with our large inventory. Our loyal customers will feel respected from the moment they walk onto our lot until they leave—whether you buy something from us or not.

At Barrett Motors, we know how important it is to trust the dealership you buy from, and so we work hard every day to deliver on exceptional services. Our sales associates are knowledgeable and courteous so you know you will be able to get all the information you need to make a final, informed decision.

We know that you will visit our dealerships in Texas again and again because we know we offer the best. Visit us for yourself to see what makes us different from other dealerships!


Enjoy Your Own Account at Barrett Motors

Barrett Motors makes it as easy as possible for customers to take care of their car bills, insurance payments and more.

Website Account Barrett Motors

Enjoy your own Website Account at Barrett Motors!

Many customers have more than one responsibility to take care of through their dealership. Often, there are payments for their new or pre-owned vehicle, and Barrett Motors, located in Texas, makes it easy for customers to find everything that they need in one place.

Every owner may visit us online at My Account to set up their own online access location to take care of their responsibilities.

We want you to know that: any questions regarding your account, including payment questions, online account access or insurance will be handled by BMI Finance, Inc.

BMI Finance may be reached at 972-475-4565 and is open Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. as well as Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

We also have a long list of Account Representatives as well as an Assistant Account Service Manager, an Account Service Manager and an Insurance Specialist, and every single one of them are standing by ready to help you with any and all questions.

Barrett Motors wants its customers to know that no matter what they may have a problem with or need help with, including their online access, we are here for all of your needs.

Visit us at one of our three dealerships in Texas to see exactly what we have to offer you and your future buying experience.

Almost 30 Years At Your Service!

Barrett Motors is proud to have been serving customers thus far for almost 30 years and looks forward to another 30!

Customer Service Barrett Motors

Customer Service: something Barrett Motors does exceptionally!

Customers may often look for a dealership that has the best reputation especially in their industry, and Barrett Motors leaves its incredible reputation at the feet of its customers. Having served its new and loyal customers for almost three full decades, Barrett Motors wants to continue to bring its customers the same service for plenty more decades.

Finding financing can often be the hardest part for many customers, but Barrett Motors works hard with customers who have unique financing requirements to help get them the financing that they need to get into the car they want. We are happy to say that all of our loans are financed “In House”, which makes us proud to say that “Buy Here Pay Here”.

For those who don’t know, we are one of the premier dealership groups in Northeast Texas because we offer dealerships in three different locations, including Rowlett, Garland and Sachse.

With these three convenient locations, we are sure to bring you plenty of options such as large, pre-owned inventories.

We welcome you to visit any of our dealerships in Texas to find your next pre-owned model!