Barrett Motors Offers a Website with Everything a Shopper Needs to Buy a Car!

Barrett Motors knows how important it is to give customers options at the dealership, but Barrett Motors also understands that many customers do most of their shopping online.


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Barrett Motors offers shoppers a great website to its customers.

Barrett Motors knows how important it is for customers to have a great experience once they visit the dealership. How customers feel about the dealership and the sales associates could be the difference between them making a purchase or going to another location.

Barrett Motors also understands that many customers look for vehicles, financing, and other options online on a website before they set foot in a dealership. For this reason, Barrett Motors offers its state-of-the-art website that delivers shopping tools, specials and even credit applications for customers—all online at their fingertips.

Barrett Motors offer customers many features on its website such as:

  • Vehicle finder
  • Vehicle specials
  • Online credit application
  • Schedule service
  • Finance specials
  • Online payment center
  • Research and view available new models
  • View available pre-owned models

With these options, and even more available online, customers may visit our dealership online, find what they want, and then visit for a test drive or to have their questions answered. We’ll see you soon!

Want a Few Reasons Why it’s a Great Idea to Get Your Car Serviced Here?

Barrett Motors knows that customers experience the unexpected, and we want shoppers to know why our service department can fix that problem.

service center in barrett motors

Visit our service center in Barrett Motors.

We know that our customers occasionally meet with the unexpected, so Barrett Motors makes sure to be here when you need it. We know how stressful it can be when something happens to your car. Simply finding a place to go to get your car serviced can be a problem.

Not anymore! We have so many reasons why you should come to our dealership to have your vehicle serviced that we want you to know about every single one of them!

Did you know who Mike English is? He is the head of our service center and the man who will help you with everything you need. Our service center not only offers knowledgeable technicians, but also offers you a state of the art facility at Barrett Motors, newly remodeled.

We want to make sure everything that we can do is as easy as possible to make your transition from fixing your car to getting back on the road.

Visit our service center today to get an estimate on how quickly you can get your car back. Our technicians are ready to answer any of your questions!

A Variety of Ford Sedans at Barrett Motors

2011 Ford Taurus Barrett Motors Garland Texas

Barrett Motors Has Many Ford Sedans in Their Inventory

Barrett Motors serves the Rowlett, Garland, and Sasche areas of Texas. Barrett Motors is unique because they offer in-house financing to their customers. They have been serving the Northeast Texas area for almost 30 years and offering creative financing for just as long. If you are in a less than ideal financial situation, Barrett Motors is a great place to start your car-buying journey. 

Barrett Motors always has Sedans, SUVs, trucks, and vans of all different makes and models. Currently, they are bursting at the seams with sedans. More specifically, there are many Ford sedans on the lot that could be yours for a small price and a financial situation to fit your needs.

For instance, consider the 2011 Ford Taurus with only 50,000 miles on it. This Taurus is a car that will last you for a long time and give you minimal maintenance problems. This is a great family sedan as well as a perfect car for a working person who travels often. Another fabulous sedan is the slightly larger 2009 Ford Edge. Don’t forget that all of Barrett Motor’s  vehicles come with an AutoCheck report to put your mind at ease about the history of the car.

Check out these great sedans or take one for a test drive as soon as you can!

Time to Upgrade Your Ride!

2012 Ram 1500 Barrett Motors Garland Texas

Barrett Motors Has the Right Prices to Help You Upgrade Your Ride

Barrett Motors of Rowlett, Garland, and Sasche, Texas has been in the business of selling great cars at low prices for almost 30 years. The associates at Barrett Motors have earned a reputation of getting people the financing they need even in the most impossible of situations. If you are currently in the North Texas area and you are still driving around that old beater, it is time to head over to Barrett Motors and upgrade your ride!

You may be worried that you are going to trade in your old beat-up clunker for another one in the same condition. However, you can rest assured that the vehicles you will find on the Barrett Motors lot are low-mileage vehicles with clean titles and great inspection reports. Due to the fact that Barrett Motors does all of their financing in-house, they can be flexible and creative about how to help you save money. 

Whether you are looking for a sedan, SUV, truck, or van, Barrett Motors most likely has what you are looking for at a price you have been hoping for. Head over there today to experience their great service and low prices for yourself!

Barrett Motors Boasts 30 Years of Service

2007 GMC Yukon Barrett Motors Garland Texas

Barrett Motors Has Thirty Years of Experience in Customer Service

Barrett Motors is located in Rowlett, Garland, and Sasche, Texas. If you have heard anything about Barrett Motors, you know that they specialize in offering financing good people in unique financial situations. For almost thirty years, they have offered loans in house, offering a true “buy here-pay here” environment. There are many reasons that Barrett Motors has been successful in the car business for so long.

For example, Barrett Motors offers a variety of vehicles for low prices and flexible financing. Whether you are looking for a luxury sedan or an SUV to fit the family or even a commercial van, you will probably find it at Barrett Motors.

Also, every vehicle at Barrett Motors comes with the assurance of an AutoCheck report. This report can give you the history of the vehicle so there are no questions about previously happened in your pre-owned vehicle.

Finally, Barrett Motors has excellent customer service. With experience comes wisdom. The associates at Barrett Motors are professionals when it comes to finding you the right financing for the right fit vehicle for you.

If you are in the North Texas area looking for a pre-owned vehicle, look no further than Barrett Motors. With so much experience, they will be able to accommodate your unique needs in a way that no other dealership can! Stop by today!

Find Your Next Lexus at Barrett Motors

2001 Lexus RX 300 Barrett Motors Rowlett Texas

Barrett Motors Offers Luxury Vehicles Including Several Lexus Models

Barrett Motors of Rowlett, Garland and Sasche, Texas is a unique dealership that specializes in late model, low-mileage cars. If you are seeking a low-priced older model car in great condition in the North Texas area, Barrett Motors is a great place to start. Barrett Motors offers unique financing on vehicles of all makes and models.

If a luxury vehicle is what you are after, Barrett Motors has an inventory with all types of luxury vehicles. Right now, you can find several different low-mileage Lexus models for a great price. The 2001 Lexus RX 300 could be the perfect vehicle for you if you want a well-kept Lexus for a small price. This SUV may be an older model, but it definitely does not look or perform that way.

Another option as far as Lexus models go is the 2008 Lexus IS 250 sedan. This high-powered, sleek vehicle would be perfect for you if you are looking to upgrade your ride for a small price. Don’t forget that Barrett Motors specializes in unique financing. If you have a financial situation that is less than ideal, the associates at Barrett Motors will be happy to work with you to find the deal that is best for you.

Stop by Barrett Motors today to see these great Lexus models as well as several other types of vehicles that might catch your eye.

Barrett Motors is the Place to Buy Your Next Infiniti

2006 Infiniti M35 Sport Barrett Motors Rowlett Texas

Barrett Motors Has High-Quality Pre-Owned Infinitis in Their Inventory

Barrett Motors of Garland, Rowlett and Sache, Texas has been providing service to the Northwest Dallas area for almost 30 years. If you are looking for a pre-owned vehicle in good condition with a clean title, Barrett Motors is a good place to start. The guys at Barrett Motors specialize in unique financing situations. If your financial situation is keeping you from getting the car you have been looking for, head over to Barrett Motors to see what kind of deal they can work out with you.

Barrett Motors always has a rotating inventory of used vehicles of the upmost quality. Any make and model that you dream about is or will be on the Barrett Motors lot at some point in time. Right now, Barrett Motors has many different Infiniti models to show off. If you are interested in an Infiniti, consider some of the pre-owned models on their lot. For instance, there is a 2006 Infiniti M35 Sport in their inventory in good condition and ready for you to drive off the lot. Don’t forget that each pre-owned vehicle from Barrett Motors comes with an AutoCheck report to give you ample information about the history of the car.

Head over to Barrett Motors at any of their three locations to test drive a vehicle and see how they can work with your unique financial situation!


Great Financing Available on Your Next Van

2010 Dodge Grand Caravan Barrett Motors Garland Texas

Barrett Motors Offers Low Financing on the Many Vans in Their Inventory

Barrett Motors of Rowlett, Garland, and Sasche, Texas is an used car dealership that offers an inventory filled with just about every make and model you could imagine. They have been serving the North Texas area for over thirty years and pride themselves on getting you the right price for your next vehicle no matter what your financial situation may be. At Barrett Motors, they care about the future car owner, rather than the past car owner.  With vans, sedans, SUVS, and trucks of every shape and size on their three lots, it will be easy to find the perfect pre-owned vehicle for you and your family at Barrett Motors. 

If a van is the vehicle that you need for your growing or already grown family, stop by Barrett Motors to see the great selection of high-quality, low-priced used vehicles. For instance, the 2010 Dodge Grand Caravan SXT is a great family van. With a media player, side curtain airbags for all rows, and third row stow-and-go seats, this van will keep your family happy and safe wherever you are planning to travel. If the Dodge Caravan is not for you, consider some of the other van options including Dodge, Kia, and Toyota models. 

Stop by Barrett Motors today to learn more about the unique financing options available as well as browse their inventory or even take a test drive!

Chevy, Ford, And Dodge Trucks at a Low Price!

2012 Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Find the Truck of Your Choice at Barrett Motors

Barrett Motors has locations in three North Texas cities: Garland, Rowlett, and Sachse. At each of these locations, you will find high quality pre-owned vehicles available for people of all different financial situations and needs. Barrett Motors has been in the car business for over 30 years and it shows in their customer service and knowledge. If a truck is what you desire, Barrett Motors has several Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge trucks to choose from.

As far as Chevrolet trucks go, the Chevrolet Silverado is highly rated and full of power. Right now, there is a 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 sitting on the Barrett Motors lot, but it won’t be there for long. This sleek, blue Silverado model comes with an AutoCheck report to put you at ease about how it was used in the past. If you are looking for a truck with more passenger space and less cargo space, you could consider the 2007 Chevrolet Avalanche LTZ at Barrett Motors. 

If a Ford is what you fancy, Barrett Motors currently has twelve different Ford F-150 models to choose between. Consider the 2009 Ford F-150 XL or the 2006 Ford F-150 STX, just to name a few.

Whichever truck that best fits your family, let Barrett Motors help you find it. They will be happy to help you find your dream vehicle no matter what your finances require. Stop by today!

Financing Available for Everyone At Barrett Motors

2010 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT

Barrett Motors Specializes in All Credit Circumstances

Barrett Motors of Rowlett, Garland, and Sasche, Texas has been in the business of helping folks get the right car under any circumstance for over 30 years. With a motto saying, “We Finance Your Credibility…Not Your Past Inability,” it is obvious to see where the priorities of Barrett Motors lie. Whatever your unique finance situation may be, let the guys at Barrett Motors work with you to creatively finance your unique situation.

Between three locations in North Texas, Barrett Motors has over 150 pre-owned vehicles available on their lots. If a gently used truck is what you are wishing for, you may be interested in the 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 LT or the 2006 Ford F-150 XLT. Remember that every vehicle purchase comes with an AutoCheck report to put your mind at ease.

If a truck is not what you fancy, consider one of the many sedans in the Barrett Motors inventory. They offer everything from a 2013 Dodge Charger SE to a 2011 Nissan Altima 2.5 S and everything in-between.

Barrett Motors has been in the business of helping all sorts of folks for over three decades. When you are considering a new pre-owned vehicle, stop by their lot to experience the friendly environment and creative financing.