Benefits of buying a used car vs leasing a new car

Buying vs Leasing

Buying Used Car vs Leasing a New Car

Shopping for a vehicle can be a difficult and time consuming task for many drivers. Besides trying to figure out what type of vehicle you want to drive and what you want it to have in it, knowing whether or not you should buy a used car or lease a new car is the most important aspect of getting the vehicle you want at a price you can afford. The following tips will help show you the advantages of buying a used car vs leasing a new car so you can make the most informed buying decision and stay within your budget. Continue reading

4 Used cars that have a reputation for running forever

Reliable used cars that run forever

4 Used Cars That Will Run Forever

Over the years, cars have become more reliable and can now offer you many more miles before they start breaking down. This is mostly due to better and more technologically advanced building processes in automotive plants. While there are many vehicles that have always had a reputation for offering incredible reliability, some are much better than others when it comes to endurance and giving you the ability to drive over 200,000 miles before breaking down forever. The following list of used cars we’ve put together will give you some of the top-rated vehicles that have the best chance of running forever. Continue reading

6 Tips for finding a quality used car at an affordable price

6 Used Car Shopping Tips

Tips for Finding an Affordable Used Car

When you start your search for a newer used car that can give you the reliability you want and need, there are many vehicles to choose from which can make your decision very difficult. Finding a quality used car that is also affordable can also be tricky. Barrett Motors, a used car dealer in the Dallas, TX area, wants to help you find that perfect vehicle by offering you these 6 tips for finding an affordable used car so you can get behind the wheel of a vehicle you’ve always dreamed of owning at a price you can afford. Continue reading

Top 3 best used cars for a college graduate

Used Nissan Altima Dallas, TX

Best Used Cars for a College Graduate

A college graduate might not have a job when they finish school but, that doesn’t mean they don’t need a reliable vehicle to get them around town. In fact, a recent college graduate needs a reliable used car more than most drivers because they need to get to job interviews that they can’t miss out on which would happen if their car broke down on them on the way to an interview. There are many options to choose from when shopping for a used car that can deliver the reliability a recent college graduate needs to find their new job in a career they love and the following list will show you the top 3. Continue reading

3 Popular cars you should never buy new in Dallas at any cost

Advantages of buying a used car vs new car

3 Cars You Should Never Buy New in Dallas, TX

While buying a new car seems like a great idea at first, there are many things about the purchase that will have you regretting your decision very quickly. Besides being very expensive, there are a lot of reasons to not buy a new car. The following list will show you three of the cars you should never buy new in Dallas, TX no matter what they cost. To get the best deal on these cars you should buy them used with some miles on them so you can get the best deal and save the most money. Used car dealerships like Barrett Motors in DFW, has a great inventory of the following vehicles at a price you can afford and live with. Continue reading

Don’t let bad credit keep you from buying a used car in Dallas

Buy Here Pay Here experts

Bad Credit Car Loans Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX (DFW)

The struggle is real for many used car shoppers when they try to get financing for a used car loan in Dallas, TX. While many think that it is easy, and it may be for some drivers, it can be difficult for many DFW drivers to find bad credit car loans to purchase the used vehicle they want to drive. At Barrett Motors, a Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX used car dealership, we are your Buy Here Pay Here experts. We have been financing vehicles for nearly 30 years so you can just imagine how we have mastered the auto lending industry.

Continue reading

Negotiate the price of a used car like a pro with these simple tips

Negotiating Tips for used car shoppers

How to Negotiate the Price of a Used Car

Shopping for a used car is by far one of the least exciting experiences of a driver. With so many vehicle types, model years and technology features and comfort options to choose from it can be extremely difficult to choose one that you think would best fit your specific driving needs. While all of that may sound difficult, the hardest part and the most intimidating is negotiating the price of a used car once you find one that you want to buy. So how do you do it? The following tips will help show you how to negotiate the price of  a used car like a pro so you can get the best deal on your next used car. Continue reading

Top reasons to buy and drive a minivan in Dallas

3 Reasons to Buy a Used Minivan

Reasons to Buy a Used Minivan in Dallas, TX

There are many different vehicle segments in the auto industry and each of them offers you a little something different when it comes to versatility, capability, passenger space, cargo area, performance and efficiency so it can be difficult to choose a vehicle type that fits your specific needs the best. Each one can also offer different technology features and comfort options to choose from when buying a vehicle. However, there is one vehicle type that offers the all-around package and gives you a little bit of everything you need and that is the minivan. While they may not be the most glamorous or sporty looking vehicles in the auto industry, there are many reasons to buy a used minivan in Dallas, TX from Barrett Motors. Continue reading

Halloween trick-or-treating in Dallas is right around the corner

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX Trick-or-Treat Hours for 2016

2016 Trick-or-Treat Times Dallas, TX

We’ve finally made it to the month of October and that means that Halloween is right around the corner. With Halloween in Dallas, TX almost here, it’s time to get your costumes out and your candy dishes filled with your favorite goodies. If you’re looking for your local 2016 trick-or-treat times, you’ve found the right place. The following information will help you plan your candy-grabbing route throughout the Dallas, TX area. Continue reading

Haunted Houses in Dallas, TX that will scare the Halloween spirit into you

Dallas Haunted Houses

2016 Haunted Houses in Dallas, TX

As we enter the month of October, many of us are already getting ourselves ready for one of the most fun times of the year – Halloween. This is one of the most anticipated holidays for people of all ages and it’s easy to understand why. Children can’t wait to go trick-or-treating and adults are eagerly awaiting a friend’s Halloween party and their first visit of the year to a haunted house. The following list of haunted houses in Dallas, TX from Barrett Motors will help you find the best and closest place to go this year so you can get into the spirit of Halloween. Continue reading