Labor Day weekend in Dallas, TX is loaded with fun things to do in 2016

Labor Day Weekend in Dallas

2016 Labor Day Weekend Events Dallas, TX

The summer is quickly coming to an end and that means all the kids are heading back to school very soon. Before it’s over be sure to get one last weekend of fun in and enjoy the weather before it’s too late. One of the last weekends and also an extended weekend for many is Labor Day. Labor Day weekend is full of fun events so it’s easy to find something that is right up your alley. The following information will show you some of the hottest and most popular 2016 Labor Day weekend events in Dallas, TX so you can plan your weekend accordingly. Continue reading

Tips to help make your next used car test drive a success

Used Car Test Driving TipsTips for Test Driving a Used Car

If you’re reading this then you’ve probably already decided to buy a used car. The smart decision to get behind the wheel of an affordable used car has already put you ahead of the game and you’ll be happy with your choice. To make sure you get the best used car when shopping for a newer ride comes down to a few things, but the most important is the test drive. The test drive is the only way to really get to know a used car before you buy it and if you follow these tips for test driving a used car you’ll get the car of your dreams. Continue reading

Knowing when you should replace your car will help you save money

Tips for Knowing When to Replace Your Car

When should you replace your car

There are a lot of ways to save money on a new or used car, but rarely do you ever hear about them. Most dealerships don’t want you to save money when you buy a used car so they don’t like to let you in on all of their secrets. At Barrett Motors, we not only want you to save money on your next used car, but we also want to tell you how to do it. Knowing when you should replace your car is key to saving money on your next one. The more service-free miles you can get out of your current vehicle the more money you’ll end up saving in the long run. If you are looking for a newer used car to replace your old one, the more money you can get for your current vehicle will help offset the price of your new car. Here are some tips to help you know when you should replace your car. Continue reading

Top 2 problems not worth fixing if they go wrong in your car

2 Costly Auto Repairs Not Worth Fixing

Car Problems Not Worth Fixing

There are many things that can go wrong in car, but knowing when to throw in the towel and let it go is the key to saving money on costly repairs that could be better spent on the purchase of a newer used car. At Barrett Motors, we want to help you save money on auto repairs and ensure that you drive a vehicle that will continue to give you the reliability you want and need from your vehicle. The following list will show you the top two car problems not worth fixing. If you are already experiencing any of these problems hold off on paying to fix them until you read this. Continue reading

Difference between four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive finally explained

Four-Wheel Drive vs All-wheel Drive

What is the Difference Between Four-Wheel Drive and All-Wheel Drive

Shopping for a new car, truck or crossover SUV can be a daunting task for many consumers. Throw in all of the new automotive technology and features and it gets even trickier to know which vehicle to buy that would best fit your specific driving needs. If you are looking for a new ride that offers the traction control of four-wheel drive or all-wheel drive, then the entire buying process can be even more confusing. What is the difference between four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive? Which one is the best choice for you? Keep reading to find out so you can buy the right system when you go shopping for your next new or used car. Continue reading

3 Things you are doing that are damaging your car

Unnecessary Damage to Your CarThings That Damage Your Car

As the price of new cars continue to rise, the more important it becomes to keep the one you have for as long as possible. It’s not cheap to take your car in for repairs and it can also be a hassle so try to avoid the following things that you might be doing that are damaging your car. The more you take care of your ride, the longer it will last and you’ll also save money on avoidable repairs.
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Used Chevy vehicles provide affordable and reliable transportation to Dallas drivers

Dallas , TX Chevy dealer

Used Chevy Dallas, TX

Trying to find the best used car that can fit your specific needs for transportation at an affordable price can be a tricky and time consuming process if you don’t know exactly what you want or need. Whether you’re looking for a sedan, coupe, hatchback, SUV, pickup truck or crossover, there is one automotive brand that offers them all and that is Chevy. Chevrolet has been building vehicles since 1911 and over the last 100 years it has become one of the top vehicle manufacturers in the world. The company provides every type of vehicle a driver wants and their innovative ideas have helped boost the auto industry into the future. If you’re looking for a used Chevy in Dallas, TX you’ve come to the right place. At Barrett Motors we carry a large inventory of used Chevy’s that include all of its most popular models so finding that perfect vehicle is easy when shopping on our lot. Continue reading

Driving tips to beat the holiday traffic in Dallas

4 Holiday Driving Tips

Holiday Driving Tips in Dallas

Summer is in full swing and all the kids are out of school and that means that the roads will be full of vehicles on their way to family vacations and summer holiday fun. Road trips are also very popular this time of year because of the great weather and long holiday weekends. To help you prepare for the holiday season traffic, Barrett Motors, a used car dealer in Dallas, TX, would like to offer you some holiday driving tips for getting around and surviving the Dallas traffic. In addition to the tips below remember to always obey the speed limit signs, buckle your safety belt and never text while driving.

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Dallas residents secret list of top 5 things to do

Local Favorites in Dallas

5 things to do in Dallas, TX

The city of Dallas is one of the biggest metropolitan areas in the country and you can imagine that a city that big has a lot of things to do. Whether you’re taking a vacation in Dallas, or you’re a recent transplant to the area, there are a lot of fun things to do that you’ve probably have never heard of. Visitors have a lot to choose from when taking in the sites in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth area, but what are the most fun things to do? Well, just like any city, the locals always have a different opinion on which things are the most fun. The following list will reveal the locals top 5 things to do in Dallas, TX. Continue reading

4th of July fireworks, parades and events set to liven up the Dallas, TX area in 2016

Places to Watch Fireworks this Fourth of July near Dallas, TX

2016 4th of July Fireworks in Dallas, TX

As America’s Independence Day nears, families are starting to look for things they can do to help celebrate this annual holiday. From parades and events to fireworks shows, there is a lot going on in the greater Dallas area. This year’s 2016 4th of July fireworks in Dallas, TX are being held in many different places all over and around the city. This list will help you find a great place to watch this year’s fireworks and even find a parade or special event.
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